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Last update 31 January 2024

Viarigi, the most fascinating “lookout” of the Low Monferrato


Viarigi rises in the Low Monferrato.

It is about 20 km from Asti, the provincial capital.


Historians merely assume, in the absence of firm sources, that Viarigi's origins go back to Roman times, before the year 1000.

The fiefdom was dominated by the Municipality and Bishop of Asti, the Marquis of Monferrato, the City of Alessandria, and the Savoys.

With the advent of the French Revolution, the territory entered the possessions of Sacerdote di Casale family.


Food and wine and typical products

Vineyards, orchards, and hazelnut groves are the main economic resources of the area.

To be seen

The symbol of Viarigi is undoubtedly the splendid Signal Tower (Torre dei Segnali o delle Vedette).

Moreover, noteworthy are the parish Church of St. Agatha (Chiesa di Sant'Agata), the Church of St. Silverio (Chiesa di San Silverio) and the privately owned Romanesque Church of St. Martian (Chiesa di San Marziano).

The Ancient Archway (Antico Voltone) that extends under the parish church also represents one of the most characteristic views of Viarigi.

Remain to report the Museum of Peasant Life (Museo della Vita Contadina), the artistic wall paintings, various artistic installations made in the hamlet of Accorneri (see: Itinerary | The creations of Graziella Calaciura) and the widespread garden.


The Castle of Viarigi, probably built around the year 1100, was destroyed in 1316 by the lord of Alessandria, Matteo Visconti.

On the ruins of the castle is erected, later, the Signal Tower (Torre dei Segnali o delle Vedette)

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