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Last update 31 January 2024

Tonco is the protagonist: from the Pitu ancient carousel to the smallest sanctuary in Italy


Tonco lies in the Low Monferrato.

It is about 17 km from Asti, the provincial capital.


Sources are uncertain, but historians believe it is likely that the first settlements, in Tonco, were by the Ligurians and Gauls.

The fiefdom of Tonco, first held by the Lords of Tonco, passed in the course of history to the Marquis of Monferrato, the Turco family, and the Natta family.


“Storia”. Comune di Tonco, Jan. 18, 2018, Last accessed Jan. 29, 2024.


In Piazza Lanfranco, the Unione Monferrato Valleversa has its headquarters.

Food and wine and typical products

The bagna cauda is the protagonist, in November, of the La Grandiosa Bagna Cauda di Gerardo.

Another key event is the Pitu Ancient Carousel (Antica Giostra del Pitu).


“Storica Giostra del Pitu”. Comune di Tonco, Apr. 26, 2023, Last accessed Jan. 29, 2024.

To be seen

A must-see, in Tonco, are the majestic parish Church of Saints Mary Assumption and Joseph (Chiesa dei Santi Maria Assunta e Giuseppe), the Church of St. John the Evangelist (Chiesa di San Giovanni Evangelista), and the Shrine of Mary Help of Christians (Santuario di Maria Ausiliatrice).

The streets of the historic center are also characterized by the succession of ancient gates of fine workmanship.

The hub of events, associative life, and schools is instead Villa Toso.

Notable among the fine buildings is Palazzo Mensio, now privately owned.

Tonco also offers interesting naturalistic ideas with the fascinating panoramic roads, the Bialbero in Cascina Piane, and the “La Tunchina” Giant Bench.

Still, on the subject of artistic installations, there is a bench made of pallets and a bench made of pencils, a giant wheelbarrow with an adjoining window on the hills, giant pencils, and a bicycle in località San Martino.


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In the Pitu Ancient Carousel (Antica Giostra del Pitu), until 2009, a real turkey was used (the organizers specified that the animal came directly from the butcher's shop).

Since 2015, a simulacrum (puppet made of fabric) has been used instead.


“Storica Giostra del Pitu”. Comune di Tonco, Apr. 26, 2023, Last accessed Jan. 29, 2024.

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