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Last update 30 March 2024

The portal is being updated.

What is Astigov

Astigov: a common institutional web portal

The primary interest of the Province of Asti and of the 117 municipalities that represent it has always been to provide the best services to citizens and businesses.

To pursue this goal, the quality of the offer must go hand in hand with technological innovation, which represents a factor of development, economy, and rationalization.

It is on these premises that the Province of Asti has started a fruitful discussion table with the
territorial administrators from whom it has emerged the will to overcome the IT portal used by the administrations “Comuni in Rete”, now obsolete since realized in 2006, to develop a new and shared platform with features of accessibility, usability, and compatibility in line with the most recent regulations referring to the sites of the Public Administration and which response effectively to the increasingly complex needs of users and the Province itself.

In one word: Astigov

A multichannel platform for everyone

The platform is functional to manage the digital communication of the Municipalities falling within the jurisdiction of the Province of Asti: it is equipped to transform into “reusable” data all the information transiting on the institutional portals, creating a shared structure among all the bodies and developing, in every single municipality, systems that make the citizen both a producer and a consumer of data.

How? The Astigov portal processes all information uploaded, spread it on several channels (website, association register, mobile app, etc.), and the data generated and updated by its holder (source) and therefore has the motivation to detail information (high-quality data), become an inexhaustible source of visibility for the organization as well as better service to users.

Astigov is also mobile: Astigiano in the palm of your hand

Data uploaded to the Astigov portal are instantly optimized, even on the specific mobile app that supports the site: Municipium.

This serves to offer, even on the move, all useful information related to the municipality of interest thanks to the user geolocation service.

The application is available free for download on smartphones and tablets running Android or iOS.

The app allows, in addition to consulting the latest news uploaded by the municipalities on the Astigov portal, the sending of push notifications - which can be activated at the user's discretion - for notices and warnings of various kinds (events, traffic, emergencies, etc.).

Service at no cost and updated in real-time.

The mobile offer is completed with the territorial portal dedicated to all the points of interest of the Asti region to allow a quick consultation on the map of all that surrounds us with a simple tap on the screen of our mobile phone.

With Astigov, the citizen becomes the protagonist

Thanks to the direct interaction between authorities and citizens, the latter become the protagonists of the political and economic choices of their community.

Astigov “opens” the doors of the municipal buildings and allows anyone to propose interventions on current practices or to suggest new projects directly from home.

The portal responds to the need, increasingly felt, of a participated democracy that brings to the fore the role of citizens taking advantage of the potential offered by the web.

Join…and rule

The fragmentation in the strategies of valorization and promotion of the territory has always represented a ballast for the actual affirmation of the Asti region as a privileged tourist destination for tourists and tour operators.

In addition, the tightening on the municipal coffers has further weakened the capacity of each municipality in advertising investments, instilling in some citizens the mendacious belief that “in Asti — and in the Asti region — nothing ever happens”.

Asti and its province are, in fact, the privileged container of quality events both in the cultural and food-and-wine fields, and the potential for further development is there for all to see.

The first node to be dissolved to attract investment in the territory is to be able to effectively communicate our beauty, and Astigov is a versatile tool that is well suited for this purpose.

With Astigov it is possible to immediately appreciate the advantages deriving from the use of co-management of a common platform:

⦁ savings in maintenance costs and updating of the new portal;

⦁ savings in the time required to update the contents of the site (therefore in terms of communication time) and a reduction in expenses incurred for paper communication, favoring a more “smart” approach and in line with the most innovative digital marketing strategies.

This is an advantage particularly felt for the “small” municipalities (there are 78 municipalities of Asti with less than 1000 inhabitants according to ISTAT data - January 2017) that represent the backbone of our territory but that in the past, precisely because of low number of inhabitants, have been penalized in terms of visibility and tourist attractiveness.

Astigov: a secure digital system

The Astigov project aims at the most complete accessibility of services and information, without discrimination, even by those who, due to disability, need assisted technologies or special configurations by offering a site and a mobile app that can be easily navigated, with comprehensive and updated contents in real time to meet any need.

The measures to protect privacy and security are also guaranteed, in line with the provisions of the Prime Minister's Directive of 16 January 2002 on “Information security and Telecommunications in Public Administrations”.

Finally, the portal provides an internal monitoring system to periodically evaluate the use and efficiency of services and the degree of user satisfaction.

Municipium: Astigov's app

Municipium is the official app of the Provincia di Asti and of over 60 Municipalities of the Asti region belonging to the Astigov project.

With Municipium, you have easy access to communications, reports, maps, and all the services of the Municipality that interests you.

Municipium services

  • News and Events
    Communicate news and events, geolocated and organized (in real-time from the website).
  • “Push” notifications
    Important notices or emergencies for citizens.
  • Interactive maps
    Services and points of interest: sport, culture, places, businesses, tourism.
  • Notifications
    It offers the citizen the possibility to send reports, safe and confidential.
  • Useful Info
    General information on the Administration, the territory, and the services.
  • Local police (only for the Provincia di Asti)
    Payment of fines from the app for citizens; for the management of violations of the Highway Code.

Download Municipium

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Contents of the Astigov portal

The published contents on the Astigov portal (, unless otherwise and expressly indicated, are taken in full / in part or shared from the institutional websites of the Municipalities affiliated with the project or created / revised by the Astigov editorial staff.