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Last update 30 January 2024

Mombercelli: fine wines and truffles in the nerve center of the Val Tiglione


Mombercelli is the main center of the Val Tiglione.

It is about 20 km from the provincial capital, Asti.


Mombercelli is mentioned in a document starting in 1125.

Historians speculate that its foundation can be traced back to the time of the Lombards.

The territory was the scene of violent clashes during the continuous struggles between Guelphs and Ghibellines.

In the 14th century it was among the possessions of the Duchy of Milan, only to pass, three centuries later, to the House of Savoy.

Mombercelli then entered, in the mid-eighteenth century, the Kingdom of Sardinia.


Food and wine and typical products.

Mombercelli is a town renowned in the field of wine.

The wines of the territory are elegantly accompanied by the “diamonds” of the kitchen, white truffles, which can be tasted during the Regional Fair of Truffles and Local Products, in October.

To be seen

In Mombercelli, beauty is at home right from the town hall.

The ancient Castle dominates in the background.

On the municipal territory there are two museums: MUSarMO — Civic Museum of Modern Art and the Historical Museum of Vine and Wine (Museo Storico della Vite e del Vino).

A short distance from the Castle, we find the parish church of Saint Blaise (chiesa parrocchiale di San Biagio).

The pretty Sanctuary of Madonna Assunta di Fontanabuona is also worth a visit.

The massive presence of chapels and votive pillars (concentrated mainly in the hamlet area) demonstrates the deep-rooted religious worship that accompanies the inhabitants throughout history.

Finally, for outdoor lovers, there are three giant bottles (2.5 meters high) positioned in Via Marconi, Via Valmanella and Piazza Unione Europea.


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Mombercelli is linked to the memory of fellow citizen Giuseppe Ivaldi; during his working career, Ivaldi, as a radio technician, immortalized situations, events, and faces of his land.

The homonymous cultural association is dedicated to him.

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