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Castagnole delle Lanze

Last update 30 January 2024

Castagnole delle Lanze, between Langa and Monferrato: adopt a row of Barbera in the “home” of Nomadi


Castagnole delle Lanze lies on the edge of the Langhe and Monferrato.

It is 23 km from Asti, the provincial capital.


Middle Ages

The Counts of Loreto held the power of Castagnole delle Lanze in the medieval period.

This is what historians infer from consulting the Codex Astensis.

13th century

Castagnole delle Lanze comes under the rule of the Municipality of Asti.

14th century

The Visconti family rules the territory.


From 1573, the municipality undergoes feudal domination by the Asinari and Catalano Alfieri families.


Castagnole delle Lanze passes under the Savoy and, later, becomes part of the Kingdom of Italy.


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Food and wine and typical products

Wine production is flourishing.

The main wines of the area are Dolcetto d'Alba and Muscat d'Asti.

The Municipality of Castagnole delle Lanze, since 2010, has launched a unique initiative of its kind: “Adopt a row”.

By joining the project, it is possible to adopt ten meters of Barbera d'Asti vine rows and receive ten bottles of “Lanze” wine in return.


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Adotta un filare nelle Lanze

To be seen

Noteworthy in the area are the Church of St. Peter in Chains (Chiesa di San Pietro in Vincoli) and the Church of St. John (or the Confraternity of the Battuti Bianchi) — Chiesa di San Giovanni (o della Confraternita dei Battuti Bianchi), in whose premises it is housed the Museum of High Monferrato and Low Langa Rural Culture (c/o Confraternity of Battuti Bianchi) — Museo della Civiltà Contadina dell'Alto Monferrato e della Bassa Langa (c/o Confraternita dei Battuti Bianchi).

The symbol of the town is the Tower of Count Paolo Ballada of Saint Robert (Torre del Conte Paolo Ballada di Saint Robert) which stands in the Park of Remembrance.

At the panoramic tower and the museum route dedicated to Count Paolo Ballada of Saint Robert, a new viewpoint was inaugurated on 1 July 2018.

Moreover, worthy of note are: the arcades of Via Ener Bettica, Villa Alfieri, the Church of the Most Holy Annunciation (Chiesa della Santissima Annunziata), the Church of St. Bartholomew (Chiesa di San Bartolomeo), the pretty churches named after Saint Rocco and Saint Maria respectively, the Tristano and Isotta porch, the giant bench “Maurizio” and the Museo del Treno (c/o Castagnole delle Lanze Railway Station), set up in the premises of the Castagnole delle Lanze railway station, which houses a splendid model railway.


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In Castagnole delle Lanze, since 1967 and almost without interruption, the musical group Nomadi performs every year in the summer period.

The concert is the flagship event of the Festival Contro, which has brought on stage names of great appeal from the national and international scene such as Luciano Ligabue, Vasco Rossi, Zucchero Fornaciari, Claudio Baglioni and Fabrizio De André.

“Storia e cultura”. Comune di Castagnole delle Lanze, Nov. 7, 2019, Last accessed Jan. 22, 2024.

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  • Synthesis / reprocessing information taken from the institutional website (current and previous versions) of the Municipality of Castagnole delle Lanze —
  • Cover image source: Marta Fenoglio


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