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Last update 30 January 2024

Hills, fertile plains, and noble Piedmontese “cru” in the shadow of the Castle where mythology triumphs: Bruno conquers international tourism


Bruno lies in the High Monferrato.

It is about 34 km from Asti, the provincial capital.


Bronze Age

The discovery of archaeological finds dating back to 1000 B.C. would confirm the presence of inhabited settlements in the territory now occupied by the municipality of Bruno.

The foundation of Bruno

Historians date the founding of Bruno to the 4th century BC.

From the Marquises of Monferrato to the Italian Republic

According to Scrivanti, author of the research on the historical records of Bruno, the long history of Bruno can be divided into five periods.

  • 967 ca–1305: Aleramica dynasty
  • 1305–1533/36: Paleologa dynasty
  • 1526–1708: Gonzaga dynasty
  • 1708–1943: Savoy dynasty
  • 1943–today: Italian Republic

Notes: historical notes taken from the text by Scrivanti Franco (original text written in Italian. Historical notes taken, in turn, from the volume: Petitbon, Vito. Bruno un'isola nel Monferrato. Proloco di Bruno, 2000,, published on a previous version of the institutional website of the Municipality of Bruno (Comune di Bruno, Cenni storici, Comuni in rete by CST Provincia di Asti © 2003-2010 — Bruno) —


Food and wine and typical products

Cultivation of corn, wheat, forage are reported.

Typical wines are Barbera and Muscat.

There is also no shortage of apple, peach, walnut, and hazelnut cultivation.

To be seen

The Castle of the Marquises Faà (Castello dei Marchesi Faà) is a typical mansion (privately owned).

The Church of Our Lady of the Annunciation (Chiesa di Nostra Signora Annunziata), a parish church, was erected on the site of an ancient cemetery.

The square facing the parish church, the Belvedere Don Andrea Ivaldi, is one of Bruno's most fascinating viewpoints.

Moreover, worth seeing, is the Church of Our Lady of Mercy (Chiesa della Madonna della Misericordia), patroness of Bruno's Alpini troops and Alpine Rescue.

We also report on the territory La Peschiera, a natural reservoir that extends for about 4000 square meters, and the former kindergarten building.


“Punti di Interesse”. Comune di Last accessed Jan. 5, 2024.


The splendid “Sala delle Feste” of the Castle of the Marchesi Faà, frescoed with paintings recalling Olympus and the profane, is the object of “censure” by Blessed Francesco Faà.

In his will, he asked for intervention on the “most indecent” figures of nudity.

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