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Incisa Scapaccino

Last update 30 January 2024

Incisa Scapaccino: land of marquises, heroes, and sanctuaries


Incisa Scapaccino, so named since 1928 (previously it was Incisa Belbo) in honor of the native Giovanni Battista Scapaccino, is one of the main towns in the Southern Astigiano.

It is about 26 km from the provincial capital, Asti.


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A town with a history dating back thousands of years.

It is famous in history for the Marquisate of Incisa beginning in 1161.

The bloody battle staged in 1514 between the Marquisate of Incisa and the Marquisate of Monferrato was re-enacted in the recent past with the event Incisa 1514.


Gruppo Storico Incisa Last accessed Jan. 25, 2024.


Incisa Scapaccino is home to the Comunità Collinare Vigne & Vini (

Food and wine and typical products.

Particularly flourishing are the cultivations of apples, peaches, soybeans, beets, white thistles, and wine.

Opportunities to appreciate the local delicacies are the Festival of Hunchback Cardoon, Barbera and Friciula (Sagra del Cardo Gobbo, della Barbera e della Friciula), held on the second Sunday in October, and the Truffle Fair, also in October.

To be seen

Of the ancient medieval castle of Incisa, today only a tower remains; some material from the destruction of the fortress was reused for the construction of civil houses and for the parish church of Saints Victor and Corona (Chiesa parrocchiale dei Santi Vittore e Corona).

In Piazza San Giovanni, on the other hand, we find the New Castle (Castello Nuovo), a twentieth-century palace in neo-Gothic style.

Moreover, worth seeing are the Shrine of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Santuario della Madonna del Carmine), Palazzo Serbelloni Busca, which now houses the Town Hall, the Church of St. John the Baptist (Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista), the Valcazara's Door (Porta di Valcazara), and The Poles of Memories.


“Punti di Interesse”. Comune di Incisa Last accessed Jan. 25, 2024.


The Church of St. John the Baptist (Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista) is the first sanctuary in Italy dedicated to Virgo Fidelis, patron saint of the Carabinieri.

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