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Celle Enomondo

Last update 30 January 2024

Celle Enomondo: the town of pure wine, artistic candles, and the smallest artisan distillery in Italy


Celle Enomondo is an agricultural center located in the southwestern part of the Astigiano.

It is about 10 km from Asti, the provincial capital.


The origins of Celle Enomondo

The first inhabited settlements in Celle Enomondo, according to historians, can be traced to the presence of Ligurian and Celtic tribes.

12th and 13th centuries

Began the exploitation of land for activities related to cereal farming.

16th century

After years of internecine wars, the town, in the second half of the 16th century, passed permanently to the Savoy family.

The early history of Celle Enomondo is marked by the alternation in power of different noble families.

Notes: historical notes taken from research by Dr. Carbone Lorenzo (original text written in Italian), published on previous version of the institutional website of the Municipality of Celle Enomondo  (“Storia del Comune di Celle Enomondo”. Comune di Celle Enomondo, Comuni in rete by CST Provincia di Asti © 2003-2010 - CelleEnomondo. Last accessed Jan. 23, 2024.).


Food and wine and typical products

Celle Enomondo is a land with a strong wine vocation, as is already evident from the place name.

The most important wines of the area, Barbera d'Asti DOC and Barbera del Monferrato DOC, accompany the typical dishes.

Grappa is also successfully produced in Celle Enomondo.

The art of candle-making should also be emphasized among the prides of Celle Enomondo production.

To be seen

On the site of the parish church once stood the Castle of Celle Enomondo.

A splendid panorama can be enjoyed from its churchyard.

The Church of the Confraternity of St. Rocco (Chiesa della Confraternita di San Rocco) is also interesting.

In the hamlet of Merlazza, on the other hand, the Church of St. Vincenzo Ferreri (Chiesa di San Vincenzo Ferreri) is worth seeing.

Moreover, noteworthy are the numerous votive pillars scattered throughout the municipal territory, included in the Bric & Bike itinerary.


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Distilleria San Carlo, based in Celle Enomondo, is the smallest artisan distillery in Italy.


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