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San Marzano Oliveto

Last update 31 January 2024

In the “mystical” quiet of San Marzano Oliveto, among the scents of apples and the castle Asinari castle


San Marzano Oliveto stands in a panoramic position in southern Astigiano.

It is about 24 km from Asti, the provincial capital.


Historians believe that the primitive village of San Marzano Oliveto was probably founded by Ligurians.

In the 14th century, the town was in the hands of the Asinari family: the castle and toponymy (valle Asinari) still recall their domination.


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Food and wine and typical products

Important is the production of apples and wine (in particular Barbera).

To be seen

The Asinari Castle of San Marzano (Castello Asinari di San Marzano) is supposed to have been built by the Romans. It is now privately owned and used to host events and weddings.

Furthermore, noteworthy are the parish Church of St. Martian (Chiesa di San Marziano) and the Church of Sts. Peter and Paul (Church of the Battuti) — Multipurpose Cultural Center | (Chiesa dei SS. Pietro e Paolo (Chiesa dei Battuti) — Centro Culturale Polivalente).

There are also four country churches of historical and artistic interest in San Marzano: St. Anthony (in regione Italiana), St. Rocco (in regione Chierina), Our Lady of the Annunciation (Nostra Signora Annunziata), in regione Corte, and Santa Libera (in regione Marziano).

For outdoor lovers, a colorful ciabot in the vineyards is worth of note.


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The suffix “Oliveto” was added to the original toponym “San Marzano” in 1862.

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